Hi!  My name is Eli and I am an artist in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  I came here from Iran.  I have had a passion for art since I was a child and after I completed my Masters in Law in Iran, I went on to complete several years of post-graduate studies in Art.  After arriving in Canada, I completed certifications and licensing for tattoos, micro-blading, eyelash extensions nails, piercings and other aesthetics services at the Toronto Beauty College.

I am available for private aesthetic and tattooing services at your place or a studio.I also can be commissioned for custom art projects with different mediums.

Please click the “More About Me” or “Contact Me” for more information about what I do.  Thank you for visiting my site.

Eli N., Artist

More About Me



Sasha C.

“commissioned Eli to tattoo my leg over 3 sessions.  Her work is amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone.  She will create different custom designs and review them with you and help you in your decision process.  Thank you so much for your beautiful tattoos, Eli!”

Frank M.

“My wife and I were looking for some original canvas paintings for our new home.  Eli was hired to create several pieces and we entrusted her to take full ownership from the start.  We are definitely not disappointed and very pleased with the gorgeous original paintings she created for us.  They were so beautiful we went all out to enclose them in gallery grade anti-reflective glass and framing. Thank you Eli!”

Nancy W.

“I needed someone to do the nails and eyebrows for me and my bridesmaids.  My hairstylist recommended Eli and she came to my house with her equipment the day before the wedding.  We went all in and got the UV hardened gels for our nails and micro bladed eyebrows.  Some of the bridal party ordered eyelash extensions.  The results were amazing and our nails looked like glistening jewellery!  The finish was perfect for the wedding and lasted a whole month!  You are awesome Eli!  Thank you!!”